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Welcome to Back from the Dead Music

Significance of “Back from the Dead”: It is a story of true-life miracles: Adam E, in a coma for two months, given a one percent chance to live. When he survived, doctors said he’d never walk again, yet he marched to the Fordham University stage to gain his diploma. Mickey Rosen is an adopted son of El Salvador, rescued to Westchester from a drug-ravaged and gang-infested country by two loving parents, shaping a new life and vibrant music. In a twist of fate, the young musicians connected with sports maestro John Cirillo, who emerged from a self-described “musical cocoon” after three decades as a sports industry leader. This is the story of Back from the Dead Music.

Back from the Dead Music
Back from the Dead

"As broadcast agent and a tremendous advisor and confidant for the first seven years of my career, John deftly took me from my student days at Fordham’s WFUV Radio to opportunities at WFAN, YES Network, CBS Sports and my 'dream job' with the Los Angeles Lakers at the age of 26. He leaves no stone unturned to insure a successful journey. I owe so much to John."

Spero Dedes, CBS Sports 

Back From the Dead Music, LLC. is a full-service company with the primary goal of pushing forward, guiding and inspiring the careers of young musicians through branding, public relations, marketing, social media, and performance bookings. The musicians will also collaborate on music and vocal accompaniment for the story-telling lyrics of founder and executive director John Cirillo, while at the same working on their own original music. The accomplished musicians Adam E and Mickey Rosen are the charter clients and collaborators. 

Adam E
Mickey Rosen
Their Musical Influences

Adam E is a singer-songwriter with diverse and eclectic musical influences that span generations – from John Denver (he sang Leavin’ on a Jet Plane in his debut on a British television series as a teenager) to Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder (he performed with them on the Kennedy Center stage) to Michael Jackson and David Bowie. Those influences helped to build a unique style that makes its presence felt in every soulful performance today.


Mickey Rosen’s father Peter’s Eric Clapton CD collection mesmerized the youngster in his pre-teen years, and had an emphatic and immediate impact on his love for music. His parents’ love for the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine and Hard Days Night albums were next, and that enchantment led him to the Yardbirds, and many classic rock artists. Piano and guitar lessons followed, not to mention break-dancing a la Michael Jackson, to build his strong and deep style of today.


John Cirillo’s first memory of music was his mother singing Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind at age six. Little did he know that Dylan would become an icon, and deeply influence his lyric-writing. Sixties stars like the Byrds on American Bandstand and The Ed Sullivan Show followed, and an exclamation point was put on his passion for music when he was mesmerized by the Southern California rock era of the Jackson Browne and The Eagles, forever favorites who inspire his life and lyrics every day. 

Back from the Dead Music
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