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Back From the Dead Music, LLC.

About the Company

Back From the Dead Music, LLC. was born in a perfect alignment of the planets, a script that even the most visionary Hollywood film producer would toss to the cutting room floor. It is the story of a relationship forged between award-winning sports public relations executive and Fordham University professor turned lyricist John Cirillo, and two accomplished musicians of enormous talent – Adam E, a former Cirillo student at Rose Hill now based in Washington, DC, and Mickey Rosen, Westchester neighbor, physical trainer and manager of Vine&Company in Mt. Kisco.


Cirillo calls the duo his “co-conspirators” because of their unfeasible, storybook connection, strong bond, and mutual admiration, respect and inspiration.

Goals and Services

Adam E and Mickey Rosen are the charter member collaborators and clients in the new venture. Accomplished musicians with lofty aspirations, Adam was invited to play the Kennedy Center Awards with two legends – Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles; Mickey was asked to jam with the iconic B.B. King, and was a member of a band which once opened for the legendary Gregg Allmann.


Adam E has already put forth a lovely marriage of music and words in the form of Hey Professor (encompassing Cirillo’s 20-year journey in the Fordham classroom), The Wine Bar [The Ballad of Johnny Cigar] and Newport – while Rosen brings to life a trio of stories – The Troubadour (Cirillo’s original lyric-writing which began in 1984 when he was public relations director for the New York Knicks, and wasn’t completed until this year, three decades), Sweet Honey and Memories Are Everywhere.


Cirillo’s soon-to-be-released eponymous debut album Songs of The Troubadour: Bourbon Cherries will include all six compositions in collaboration with Adam and Mickey. Says Cirillo: “Songs are simply stories; music makes them magic.”

How They Met: Planets Aligned

Hey Professor: On March 27, 2017, an out-of-the-blue Facebook message from Adam to his old sports professor 10 years after graduation fueled a renewed friendship, inspired songwriting and finally the three collaborations. It read in part: “Hey Professor, not sure if you remember me…I think about you and talk about the class every time I watch boxing or baseball with my friends..I am also a professional songwriter, that’s my passion, and it’s super fun.” The rest, as they say, is history. The Fordham duo caught up on lost time in life-in-the-fast-lane style, visiting on July 4th weekend in New York City and later in July in Newport with their ladies; Adam’s better half Valerie hails from Rhode Island, where John and his wife of three decades have vacationed annually for more than 20 years. The song Newport was born on that night after an intoxicating evening of story telling and renewed friendship. Later, Cirillo penned The Wine Bar on a journey to Saratoga, and finally Hey Professor, inspired by Adam’s salutation in his message of unification, a common opening line from students of yesterday and today. Cirillo is most proud of Adam E.


The Broken Guitar String: Two chance, overheard conversations at Vine&Company wines and liquors in Westchester brought Cirillo and Rosen into collaborative combustion. The first: Rosen was talking with a co-worker about his music, when Cirillo interrupted and asked for him to look at some lyrics, which he did and was impressed. But managing the store was time consuming, and Rosen wasn’t even able to get to the local music store to fix a broken string on his guitar. The second: Rosen, again chatting with a co-worker spoke about an Eastman Grand Concert Acoustic Guitar on sale at the music store. Cirillo, ceasing the opportunity presented by the his guardian angel, said why don’t we go over to pick up that pretty little Eastman as your first payment. They two have be collaborating ever since. Irony: the first time Rosen played the Troubadour for the lyricist was March 27, 2018, one year to the date that Adam had reached out to his old professor. Planets aligned indeed.  

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