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Adam E

Back from the Dead Music

Adam E is a singer and songwriter based in Washington, D.C. He has been involved with music since childhood. At age 9, he learned to play the piano and discovered his passion for singing as a cast member of “Children’s Choice,” a popular children’s British television show, filmed in Saudi Arabia. Later, he helped create his high school a cappella group, and sang at the Kennedy Center Honors beside Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. During this time, he started writing music, and this passion has continued through today. 

Adam’s personal achievements are nothing short of miraculous. During his senior year of high school, he fell critically ill with Acute Viral Milo Encephalitis, an infection of the fluid in the brain and spinal cord. After holding on to life in a coma for two months, overcoming a 1% chance to live, Adam was told he would never walk again. After three months of rehab, perseverance, and the support of his close friends and family, Adam walked across the stage at graduation with his Chamber Choir by his side. Shortly after, Adam made a full recovery, moved to New York City, and graduated from Fordham University with a degree in Business Administration. Adam credits his recovery in part to the role music played in his life by keeping him motivated through that difficult time and giving him a sense of purpose. 


Since then, Adam has made music his priority. He writes for his own pop/rock band called Adam E Project, and he writes as an independent artist. He recently joined Living the Dream (LTD) Unlimited, where he works with a team to write and license music. LTD is a full-service entertainment company specializing in music publishing & licensing, touring & merchandising, and film & television. Adam is currently involved in several projects, and always working to expand upon his portfolio.

Back from the Dead Music

Mickey Rosen

Back from the Dead Music

Mickey Rosen is an accomplished musician who has opened up for the legendary Gregg Allmann, jammed with the icon B.B. King, and performed live a a bevy of venues. That he was able to live that dream, though, is a miracle in itself. Adopted from the ravaged nation of El Salvador, infested by drugs and gangs, by a loving family in Briarcliff, New York, he wonders every day what his life might have been and how fortunate he was. New York, His parents infused the music of Eric Clapton, the Beatles and other rock artists, and a musician was born at a young age, yearning to learn the piano and taking guitar lessons. Mickey lives in Ossining, New York, is a manager at Vine & Company wines and liquors, a personal trainer, and a former competitive mixed martial artist and Michael Jackson-style break dancer. 

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